Safe and efficient.

Small turning radius

Due to its compact size the bedmover can turn around its own axis and adds only a few cm in length.

Fits under any bed

The bedmover fits under any bed and can easily tow weights of up to 1000 kilograms.

Long range of action

The battery provides a range of action of up to 30 kilometers in between charging.

Adjustable speed limit

Speed limit can be adjusted to the client’s needs, to a maximum of 10 kilometers per hour.

Facing driving direction

The operator faces the driving direction, allowing eye contact with the patient during transport.

User driven design

Medical professionals are constantly on the move, often pushing hospital beds with not only patients but also a variety of equipment. The bedmover has been designed specifically for hospitals from the very start, following the wishes of the end user during every step of the way. For example, the bedmover’s operator faces the driving direction, therefore allowing them to keep eye contact with the patient during transport.

Easy to operate

The bedmover can transport up to 1000 kg at a maximum speed of 10 km/h, although this can be adjusted towards a lower limit. To ensure a bed will still fit in elevators or move easily in small rooms, the bed mover is very compact and only adds a few centimeters of extra length to the bed. The bedmover offers a 360⁰ turning radius and can effortlessly steer in any direction.


Batteries80 Ah 24 volt
Charger8 Amp 24 Volt IP68
Load capacity1000 kg
SpeedUp to 10km/h (adjustable)
Length790 mm
Width550 mm
Height390 – 1120 mm
Weight160 kg

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