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Jan-Hein van Drogenbroek

Jan-Hein van Drogenbroek

Founder and owner

“Central to the designs I make is user comfort.”

Quality, Efficiency, Innovation

Ever since its foundation in 1997 Beagle Mobility (then Beagle Ergo) has focused on increasing user comfort through innovative solutions. As of 2004 we have developed and produced various products that contribute to that very cause, such as a 360-drive electric mover and intuitive electric drive systems. Users have zero learning actions using these systemes. Right now our focus lies on improving safety, user comfort and efficiency in healthcare and industry through our 360-drive and bedmovers. We produce these products in Epe, the Netherlands. From there we export worldwide. To find a dealer local to you, please visit our dealer page.

We are educated by our customers. To ensure we go above and beyond our customers’ wishes we spend a lot of time in the field, observing day to day practice and talking to our end users to discover new ways to improve our products. Genuinely solving problems through clever designs and quality products is a promise we have made since day one, one that we always intend to keep.



“We want to optimise business processes with smart transportation systems and improve human performance.”

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Most of our products are sold and serviced by our dealers. Please check here to find the dealer in your area or contact us.